6 facts about the LGBT community you didn’t know about


Stonewall Inn was a secret meeting place for the LGBT community

Back in the late 1970’s, public homosexuality was illegal as the government targeting people in the LGBT community. As homosexuality was classified as a mental disorder, many individuals were forced to undergo therapy or into the mental hospital.

A local raid from the police entered the Stonewall Inn, a local bar in Manhattan. As the place was usually filled with people in the LGBT community, the police would often conduct raids. These raids let to arrests and police brutality.

However in 1969, the LGBT group fought against the police , starting three days of riots of the modern-day movement of LGBT rights.

Two Black transgender Women helps start the Stonewall Conflict.

Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson were both said to have lead the Stonewall conflict. While Rivera was pushed out of the LGBT movement, there support should never have been forgotten. Recent talks have accused the LGBT movement to become “less black, more white.”

Bisexual activist organized the first Gay Parade.

After the Stonewall Riot, Brenda Howard, a bisexual gay right’s activist, organized a freedom of pride parade. She created the full-week festivities of the Pride festival. Howard dedicated herself to be working on behalf on the anti-war, feminist, and LGBT causes.

Only two U.S. presidents have acknowledged the LGBT community

As Bill Clinton was the first president to issue a Pride LGBT proclamation, President Obama has continued to issue one every year since his start in the white house. George W. Bush on the other hand never attempted to do so.

The original Pride Flag had two more colors

Since its creation in the 1970, the pride flag had multi-colored stripes with eight colors. Each has a special meaning. The red meant life, hot pink for sexuality, green stood for nature, indigo stood for harmony, violet stood for spirit, yellow stood for sun and orange stood for healing. Later on, the flag was cut down to six colors, removing the turquoise and hot pink.

3 reasons why most US states allow gay marriage


With the entire United States granting the right to marry same-sex couples, both gay and lesbian couples are granted equality in the constitution. As the majority of support rises in America, almost 4 out of 10 gay couples are married. That means over 1 million adults in a domestic relationship.

Here are three reasons why the US allows gay marriage.

Support for Same-Sex Marriage raised to 85% of the population

Big changes happened within the recent years. Back in 2009, less than 40% supported gay marriage. Since then, the support slowly continued to rise until the current 85% of support. Among the groups, individuals without any religious affiliation were the biggest supporters of gay marriage.

Same-sex marriage was already legal in 36 states before the Supreme Court Ruling

Before the ruling, there were already 36 states allowing same-sex marriage. Since 2014, the states of Florida, Utah and Pennsylvania already legalized gay marriage, including the District of Columbia. This occurred right after the federal court dismissed laws and amendments banning unions between the same sex.

The United States follows other countries that already allowed same-sex marriage

Soon after the Supreme Court’s decision, other countries had already legalized same-sex marriages. He Netherlands was the first to do so in 2000. Other countries in Europe also followed the legal trend with countries in South American to follow soon after.

The 20th century has made such a massive shift on homosexuality. Since same-sex marriage became legal, there have been more than 70,000 gay marriages in the U.S. alone. More than 60% of those were Lesbian couples.


5 up-and-coming bloggers to follow in the LGBT community


Every year, hundreds of new bloggers flock the internet with the latest fashion, trends, news and more. Within the new up and coming bloggers, more writers from the LGBT community as also blogging AND taking the internet world by storm. Here five up-and-coming bloggers to follow in the LGBT community.


Qwear Fashion – Since the start in 2011, Qwear is said to be the biggest fashion blog that focuses on lesbians. The articles are well thought-out and well-written. They discuss issues like social standards, femme issues, + fashion, Butch, and masculine style.


Yummer time – If you’re looking for an LGBT style blog with all the hilarious GIDS included, Yummertime is the blog to go to when you’re in dire need of a laugh. The blog is run by style bloggers Chris Lin and Brock Williams. They’re cute, they’ve got style, and absolutely hilarious. Aside from their awesome clothes, their humor will definitely make you envious.


She does Him – While gay blogs have received more attention than lesbian blogs, they do have a strong presence on Tumblr. On some blogs, the queer style into more like Queering style or Tomboy. Allison Graham has taken her style by storm as she posts #OOTD photos on her site. Her style is obviously into the traditional menswear from all the pin-striped suits and trousers. Let’s just say he definitely wears them well.


Fit For a Femme – Since its start in 2008, the femme style blogger become the game she wanted to see with her love of style blogs. She realized how these weren’t any lesbian or femme style blogs, and she wanted to be the first.


Oh, Antonio! – Written by Anthony Urbano, the New Jersey Native style blogger posts #OOTDs using New York City as his backdrop. Since his start in 2011, Urbano has used his style blog to showcase his fashion and lifestyle filled with food and travel.

With different backgrounds and lifestyles, each blogger gives a special view and intake of their lives and what inspires them. WE hope you enjoy the list of the next up-and-coming of bloggers not only for their style, but what else they have to offer.